emaline5678 (emaline5678) wrote in 0okillbillo0,

The Bride, Buck, and Budd

Considering Elle easily found the Bride when she was in the hospital, I'm assuming Bill had been keeping an eye on her those four years (unless Elle was the one who found her and told Bill). It would make sense that he'd want to know the minute she woke up.

My question is, do you think Bill knew about the friendly neighborhood rapist/orderly, Buck? Did he just let Buck keep doing his thing, renting out the Bride, etc, without caring? Was it some kind of sick payback? Or did he just not know? I had a feeling it had been going on for awhile by the time the Bride woke up. I think if Bill had known, he'd have wanted to take Buck out, but maybe not.

Also, does anyone else think Budd had feelings for The Bride? Just the look he gives her when he's burying her seems so sad. He couldn't have all those feelings just because of Bill, could he? They didn't strike me as the closest of siblings, but maybe there were in the past. I just thought it would give things a different twist if he also had feelings for her, but she wouldn't give him the time of day. Maybe then he had to make due with Elle until the Bride was out of the way - then Elle made her leap for Bill.
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