Científica de letras ;3 (yuki_sagara) wrote in 0okillbillo0,
Científica de letras ;3

Sergio Leone for the win!

All right, I know this is a comunity about Inglourious Basterds and I´m the first that want to do something amazing with this amazing movie (definitely, one of my favourites EVAH!) and I joined here because of my dear basterds, but I did a fanvid centered in Sergio Leone´s spaguetti western and I see this comunity had a "spaguetti western" tag (I know, because Quentin likes it), so...I hope not to be rude posting it here :(, there are not so many active comunities dedicated to this genre. But if I am, I immediately blot it, no problems.


LOVE the spaghetti western of Sergio Leone and LOVE practically all the characters. This minor fandom deserves a fanvid, although that fanvid is mine xDDDD And the lyrics from this wonderful song of One Republic suggest me a perfect portrait about the essence of the movies. If you like it too, ENJOY IT! ^^
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